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Welcome to my clients, friends, and everyone who loves Madeira as much as I do. My main goal is to ensure that my clients feel comfortable and leave with unforgettable memories from their stay at Casas Serenas. But when I have some free time, I stay active! My hobby is paragliding, and if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend experiencing this incredible adventure with

I recently had the pleasure of canyoning and it was absolutely exhilarating! From rappelling down stunning waterfalls to jumping into clear, refreshing pools, every moment was packed with excitement. The guides were professional, friendly, and ensured our safety at every step, making it an adventure perfect for all skill levels.

If you're looking for an unforgettable outdoor activity in Madeira, I highly recommend West Side Madeira's canyoning tours. Don't miss out on this amazing experience with

Always at your service,


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Top 5 Unusual Things to Do on Madeira Island!


The island is home to a variety of unique experiences and exploring some of these unusual activities can make your trip to the island even more memorable.  Whether you're seeking adventure, a love story, or want to try something different, everyone will find something for themselves in Madeira. By trying some of these unusual activities, you'll make the most of your journey to this exciting island and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
1. Take a Day Trip to the Desertas Islands
If you're seeking a unique and extraordinary experience, a day trip to the Desertas Islands is a must. This uninhabited archipelago, located approximately 25 kilometers southeast of Madeira, is a nature reserve home to numerous rare species, including monk seals, seabirds, and lizards. Additionally, the tour typically includes a boat trip to the islands, a guided tour, and some free time to explore the stunning natural beauty of the islands. The cost of the tour varies depending on the provider and the duration of the tour.

2. Explore the Volcanic Caves of São Vicente
The São Vicente Caves, located in the northern part of Madeira, offer unique and mysterious underground adventures. These volcanic caves formed over 400,000 years ago and are now open to visitors. Additionally, during the tour, you can walk through narrow tunnels and discover stunning rock formations and underground lakes. The tour takes about 30-40 minutes and costs around €8 per person.

3. Rent a Premium Motorcycle and Cruise the Scenic Roads
For adventure seekers and motorcycle enthusiasts, renting a premium motorcycle and cruising the scenic roads of Madeira is an exciting and unforgettable experience. The winding coastal roads of Madeira and mountain passes with breathtaking views around every corner provide an adrenaline-filled ride. Additionally, there are several motorcycle rental companies on the island, and the cost varies depending on the bike model and rental duration.

4. Take the Cable Car to Monte
One of the best ways to enjoy the stunning views of Madeira is to take the cable car to the charming village of Monte. Starting from the old town of Funchal, the cable car will take you on a 15-minute journey to Monte, where you'll have panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, once you arrive in Monte, you can visit the picturesque church and gardens or try a traditional sled ride back to Funchal. The cable car ride costs about €16 per person.

5.Visit the Madeira Story Center
For history enthusiasts or those who want to learn more about Madeira's fascinating past, a visit to the Madeira Story Center is worth it. Additionally, this interactive museum tells the story of Madeira through a series of exhibits covering everything from the island's geology and flora to the history of explorers and invasions. The Madeira Story Center is located in the centre of Funchal and costs approximately €8 per person.

In our opinion the best time to visit the island is from May to September when temperatures are higher, and days are longer.
Did we intrigue you? That's exactly what we wanted. So, buy tickets and Welcome to Paradise!

See you soon in Casas Serenas!

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Love story in Casa Romantica


Indulge in the blissful serenity of our secluded paradise, where every moment feels like a dream come true. Nestled on the enchanting island of eternal spring, our haven is designed exclusively for couples seeking a haven of love and tranquility.

As the night unfolds, retreat to your own private sanctuary, where romance awaits. Toast to your love under a blanket of stars, or unwind in the warmth of a candlelit jacuzzi, surrounded by flickering candles and the soothing sounds of nature.

Awaken to the soft hues of dawn as the island comes alive with the promise of a new day. Savor a leisurely breakfast on your private terrace, as you bask in the glow of the rising sun, feeling grateful for the precious moments shared with your beloved.

Experience the magic of eternal love, where every detail is thoughtfully crafted to ignite the flames of passion and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your romantic escape at Casa Romantica and let the island of eternal spring be the beginning to your eternal love story. ✨🌴💖

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Dive into the Fun: Carnival in Madeira!


Dive into the Fun: Carnival in Madeira!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate celebration on the enchanting island of Madeira! Carnival is here, and it's the first party of the year. Join us for a colorful extravaganza that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a beat in your step.

Carnival in Madeira is a time-honored tradition that's all about letting loose and having a blast. Picture lively parades, vibrant costumes, and infectious music filling the streets. It's a joyful spectacle that brings the entire community together in a whirlwind of fun and excitement.

From dazzling parades to street parties, Carnival in Madeira offers non-stop entertainment for everyone. Dance to the rhythm of traditional music, sample delicious local cuisine, and soak up the lively atmosphere. There's never a dull moment during Carnival!

Carnival in Madeira is more than just a party—it's an unforgettable celebration of life, culture, and community. Come join the festivities and discover why Carnival in Madeira is a must-see event for travelers from around the world. Let's make this Carnival the best one yet!

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Madeira Christmas Lights


As the holiday season unfolds, the picturesque island of Madeira transforms into a mesmerising winter wonderland, adorned with the twinkling brilliance of Christmas lights. Nestled in the heart of the Atlantic, this Portuguese archipelago has become synonymous with enchanting holiday displays that captivate both locals and visitors alike.

The narrow cobbled streets of Funchal, the capital city, come alive with a kaleidoscope of colours as millions of lights illuminate the night sky. From the iconic Funchal Cathedral to the bustling Mercado dos Lavradores, every corner of the city is drenched in a warm and festive glow.

One of the highlights is the dazzling Christmas tree at Praça do Município, standing tall and bedecked with shimmering lights and ornaments. This central square becomes a focal point for gatherings, where locals and tourists gather to soak in the festive atmosphere and share in the joy of the season.

Venture beyond the city lights, and you'll discover charming villages adorned with tastefully decorated streets and squares. The hillsides, normally blanketed in lush greenery, now twinkle with the glow of countless lights, creating a magical panorama against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Madeira's commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient decorations adds an extra layer of charm to the celebrations. LED lights and eco-friendly displays are strategically placed, ensuring that the island's commitment to environmental consciousness aligns seamlessly with the festive cheer.

The Christmas lights in Madeira not only signify the holiday season but also embody the warmth and hospitality of the island's residents. As you stroll through the illuminated streets, you can't help but feel the spirit of Christmas embracing you, making Madeira a must-visit destination for those seeking a magical holiday experience.

So, if you're dreaming of a Christmas surrounded by the beauty of nature and the twinkle of lights, set your sights on Madeira. Let the island's festive lights guide you through an unforgettable holiday season filled with joy, wonder, and the unique charm of this Atlantic paradise. 🌟🎄🌟

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One more reason to visit Madeira and stay at Casas Serenas!
Madeira once again won, for the 9th consecutive time, the ‘World Travel Awards’ award as ‘World’s Leading Island Destination’. The announcement was made on the 1st of December at the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai, at the gala for the 30th edition of the WTA world awards.  

The Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture and president of the Madeira Promotion Association, Eduardo Jesus, highlights that the award that, since 2015, has been awarded to Madeira, is “the consolidation of recognition for the work that has been developed by the entire sector in order to position the Region as a unique destination, which, throughout the 12 months of the year, captivates visitors from all over the world, due to its unique characteristics in terms of Nature, Culture, varied experiences and Identity” .

From Diário Notícias

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The Fresh and Flavorful Journey


If you visit the local farmer's market in Madeira, known as the "mercado dos producadores" or "mercado dos cultivadores," you can be assured that your money directly supports the farmers who cultivate the fruits and vegetables. These farmers are prohibited from reselling produce they have purchased, ensuring that everything available is grown or prepared by them.

The market's unique feature is that everything sold is exceptionally fresh. The farmers grow their own produce, gather from nature, or even cook items in their own kitchens. For example, if you buy something on a Sunday, it was likely cooked or harvested the day before, on Saturday.

The farmer's market in Madeira is not just a place to shop; it's an experience. It is a lively fair where families gather, friends meet, and tables are set up amidst the market stalls. Here, you can even grill your own espetada, using meat freshly bought from the market. Enjoy homemade wine or freshly made poncha, a local drink made with seasonal fruits. A notable tradition is the roasting of chickens in large grill cabinets, which attracts long queues. Local residents eagerly sign up on lists to secure their Sunday supply of delicious chicken.

In addition to the usual array of fruits and vegetables, the Sunday markets in Madeira also offer exotic varieties that are locally grown. Some examples include pimpinelli, wild spinach, anona, guava, pitanga, passion fruit, mandarin banana, tabaibo, monstera delicious, tomatillo, chestnut, avocado, papaya, loquats, araçal, mango, and many more unique and exotic options.

The most well-established farmer's markets in Madeira can be found in Prazeres, Santa (Porto Moniz), Ponta Delgada, and Santo da Serra.

Experience the vibrant and authentic atmosphere of the local farmers markets in Madeira and enjoy of staying in Casas Serenas

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La vie est belle à Casas Serenas


In 2017, Emanuel left his southern hometown in France and embarked on a journey that would forever change his life. Captivated by the allure of Madeira, he knew he had found his true home. Determined to share his love for this remarkable island, he set out to transform an old, neglected guesthouse into a haven of serenity and wonder.

Emmanuel's dream was simple—to create a place where guests would be so captivated by its allure that leaving would become an unthinkable notion. Today, that dream has become reality. Visitors who grace Casas Serenas find themselves irresistibly drawn to its magical energy, forever entwined with the spirit of its creator and owner, Emanuel.

Here, time slows down, allowing guests to rediscover the joys of life's simplest pleasures. Whether strolling through the breathtaking garden, breathing in the scent of blossoming flowers, or savouring moments of quiet contemplation in the shade on your terrace.

Dream! Dreams come true!

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Let's plunge into the eternal festival!


Madeira is the island of eternal spring. Did you know that Madeira is also an island of eternal festivals? They begin with an incredibly spectacular New Year's fireworks display and replace each other throughout the year.

In Madeira, you can enjoy musical, cultural, gastronomic, and sports festivals all year round. Whatever time you choose for your holiday in Madeira, you will always find yourself at one of the festivals.

We have collected for you June's  festivals that officially open the summer season in Madeira. 

So, let's go!

Atlantic Festival 2023

03/06/23 - 24/06/23

Every Saturday. Funchal

With 20 years of existence this is the official event that opens the door for Summer in Madeira. Every Saturday in June an international competition takes place in Funchal’s bay, where each participating country chooses a theme and exhibits the talent, novelties and advances in the pyrotechnics art.
The firework display is accompanied by music and a great diversity of colours.

Mandolin Orchestra Weekly Concerts

12/05/2023 - 30/06/2023

21:00 Funchal

Recognized as the oldest and youngest Mandolin Orchestra in Europe, a distinction of relevance in a region of excellence within the European community, the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra® presents itself in the 2022/2023 Musical Season with a unique artistic proposal and diversified, contemplating programs adapted to the mandolin of the great classics of world music, striving for the quality that is recognized in the preservation and dissemination of the history of the mandolin in Madeira. Hear, feel and communicate the universal language of music.

Sixteenth Century Market

02/06/2023 - 04/06/2023

21:00 Machico

Machico hosts between June 2nd to 4th, the 16th-century Market”, an event that evokes the historical period of the discovery of the island, which has gained a prominent cultural status.

Organised by the Municipal Council of Machico and in partnership with the Elementary and Secondary Schools of Machico, this initiative takes place in Machico´s downtown at Largo da Praça, in Alameda Dr. José António de Almada, and offers a number of cultural and musical activities.

I Cider Festival

04/06/2023 - 08/06/2023

16:00 Funchal

From 4 to 8 June, the Avenida Arriaga hosts the 1st edition of the Cider Festival. This popular event aims to promote the famous traditional drink that in recent years has increasingly attracted more fans, featuring cooking demonstrations, topic discussions and live music performances. So come and toast and enjoy this experience.

Cherry’s Fest

09/06/2023 - 11/06/2023

7:00 Câmara de Lobos

Festival held annually in the parish of Jardim da Serra, with the aim of promoting the culture and marketing of cherry and, on the other hand, the economic and tourist potential of the locality where it takes place. The cherry is a fruit whose cultivation predominates in the upper part of the parish of Jardim da Serra, although in the past large quantities were also found in the parish of Curral das Freiras. Schedule: 9th June – 7am to 12pm  10th June – 9am to 2am  11th June – 9am to 11pm

Porto Santo Municipal Festivities – Saint John’s Festivities

15/06/2023 - 25/06/2023

Porto Santo

Saint John’s festivities are the biggest tourist attraction on the island, as they represent the genuine traditions of a people with their very own culture. They include various activities: the sports programme opens the festivals and the cultural programme runs from 15 to 25 June. A parade of popular marches takes place on the night of 23 to 24 June. 

Porto Santo presents 5 days of festivities with a wide range of entertainment and culture that will include the traditional St. John’s Altar, food and drink stalls and the typical delicacies of the festivities in Alameda Infante D. Henrique.

Soup Fair

17/06/2023 - 18/06/2023

9:00 Santana

In Madeira, a dish of hot soup is highly treasured and the more robust countryside soups are the Madeirans’ favourites. With the aim of sharing some of the secrets behind these soups, the Boaventura Community Centre, a parish in the Municipality of São Vicente, decided to organise the Countryside Soup Fair.
Therefore, on the 17th and 18th of June, genuine flavours lovers are invited to head towards the north coast of Madeira and taste ‘Caldo da Romaria’, ‘Açorda Madeirense’ (bread and garlic broth) and the onion, wheat, watercress and threshed corn soups.
Between spoonfuls, you can dance and have fun with the lively entertainment programme which marks this fair!

Baco Nights – 12th edition


15:00 Funchal

The renowned and long-awaited event “Baco Nights” is back for its 12th edition, next Saturday, June 3, between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm, at Blandy’s Wine Lodge.

In this edition, there are more than 300 wines in tasting, from 70 producers, with 10 thematic tastings with the producers.

Saint Peter’s Festivities

28/06/2023 - 02/07/2023

17:00 Câmara de Lobos

The Municipality of Câmara de Lobos intends to hold another edition of the traditional Festas de São Pedro, which will take place from June 28 to July 2, 2022 with music shows, gastronomy, street decorations and the traditional popular marches. Patron saint of fishermen, São Pedro has been, for several centuries, one of the most celebrated popular saints in the parish of Câmara de Lobos. This great festivity in his honour, has become, over the last few decades, the most important festival of popular and religious nature held in the municipality.

Welcome to Madeira! Welcome to Casas Serenas! Let's plunge into the eternal festival!

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Love affair that will last a lifetime.


Guess who's hiding in the mystical forest? It's the Serenas! They're known for their hauntingly beautiful songs that echo through the trees. This spring, they've made an appearance in Casas Serenas, enchanting all those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them.

Madeira is a magical island where nature reigns supreme and its natural beauty is intertwined with its romantic character. William Wordsworth once said, "Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her." So, come fall in love with Madeira's mystical forests, breathtaking scenery, and enchanting wildlife. It's a love affair that will last a lifetime.

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